How to Choose a Sports Drink

Sports drinks can help improve performance for athletes who participate in endurance sports lasting > 1 hour.  The primary functions of sports drinks are that they help to hydrate athletes, they provide carbohydrate energy and they replace electrolytes lost in sweat.   But with all of the beverages out there, how do you know which one […]

Are Your Food Choices Influencing Your Child’s Health?

Many parents are very concerned with their children’s eating habits.  They often want to know how to get their children to eat more “healthy foods” and/or how to limit their intake of “junk foods”.  They get concerned about whether their kids are eating enough to meet their nutrient needs and/or if their kids are eating […]

Anti-inflammatory Diet: A Natural Way to Improve Health and Reduce Joint Pain & Stiffness

Inflammation is part of our body’s natural healing process and is necessary to help us recover from an injury or an illness.  Normally our body turns off the inflammatory response when our wound is healed or we recover from an infection.  However, when our inflammatory response does not get turned off properly, it can lead […]

Most Americans Are Overeating Sugar, Are You?

I have written several times about the importance of limiting added sugars in the diet, and this month another article came out in the Journal of the American Dietetic Association, once again confirming these recommendations.  “Added sugars” are defined as the sugar used in processed and prepared foods (i.e. sodas, cakes, ice cream) and the […]

Tips to Build Muscle/Gain Weight

  The best way to build muscle mass is to participate in a progressive resistance training program.  Muscles need the right stimulation in order to grow, and you need to support that training with an appropriate nutrition plan.  The most important nutrition factor to build muscle mass is to ensure that you are taking in […]

Hydration for Athletes

I recently received the following question from a reader:   Q: I don’t drink any soda or anything but water ( and some Gatorade or vitamin water when I am playing). Can I be drinking too much water?  I drink about 136 oz of water a day. (Like 8 bottles). A:  Yes, it is possible to […]