V8 Splash: A Splash of Fruit in A LOT of Sugar

The other day I was at my parent’s house for breakfast and they put a “V8 Splash Juice Drink” on the table.  They said it was the first time they had bought it, so I picked it up to read the nutrition label, and I was very surprised at what I found.  When you think of V8, you think of healthy products, right?  Well, not in this case.  The first ingredient on the label for the V8 Splash Juice Drinks is High Fructose Corn Syrup and the second ingredient is water.  So, this beverage is really more along the lines of sugary Punch with a very small amount of added fruits or vegetables to help market it as a “healthy” option.

I generally recommend eating fruit instead of drinking juices because you get the added benefit of the fiber and they tend to be more satisfying.  An 8-oz glass of fruit juice has 120 calories; these calories can add up quickly and are not filling.  With that said, 100% fruit juice is a better choice than sodas or other sugary beverages because it does have some nutritional value.

When selecting juices, be sure to read the nutrition label and make sure it says 100% fruit juice.  There is no need for added sugars since fruit is very sweet and naturally high in sugar.  If you like V8 products, try the V8 Fusion 100% Fruit Juices instead of the V8 Splash products.  For an even better option, try the “Low Sodium Tomato Juice” or the “Spicy Hot Low Sodium Tomato Juice”.  Both of these products are lower in calories (only 50 calories per 8 oz serving) and they are packed with potassium, vitamin A and vitamin C.