Vitamin D Recommendations Increased

For years, there has been debate as to how much Vitamin D is needed in the diet to prevent deficiencies, and recently the recommended levels were officially increased.  The following chart reflects the recent changes:

Age Group Previous Recommendation New Recommendation
1-50 years 200 IU 600 IU
51-70 year 400 IU 600 IU
71 years and up 600 IU 800 IU

Upper Limit

2,000 IU 2,500-4,000 IU

(age dependent)

For more information about the importance of Vitamin D and how to meet needs with the diet, check out my previous post “Vitamin D and Bone Health”.  For more information about the current recommendations, click here to see the  Institute of Medicine article entitled “Dietary Referance Intakes for Calcium and Vitamin D”.