Book Recommendation: Mindless Eating: Why We Eat More Than We Think

Many times when people are trying to lose weight or eat healthy, they ask me if there are any books that I recommend.  One of my top picks would have to be “Mindless Eating: Why We Eat More Than We Think” by Brian Wansink.  The author of this book conducts some of the most well know research on the psychology of why we make certain food choices and how the environment influences not only the types of food we eat but also the quantities.

I love this book because it is not a “diet book” promising any quick fixes.  Rather it is a book that can help you to become more aware of your own eating patterns and recognize the things that frequently cause people to eat more food than they realize.  For example, you may already know that we tend to eat more when we are served larger portions and when we eat off larger plates and dishes, but did you know that the lighting in a restaurant and the label on a bottle of wine served with dinner can also affect how much we eat at a meal?

As a dietitian, I have done a lot of studying about eating patterns and the psychology of why we make certain food choice, and I think the author of this book did a great job of providing sound information in a fun and easy-to-read format.  There are so many great practical tips on how to create a healthy environment around you to minimize temptation so that you do not fall prey to mindless eating and the food industries’ marketing strategies.

For anyone trying to lose weight or create a healthier environment at home, this book is on my “must read” list.  It is also available in an audio version, which could be a good option if you don’t have much time to read (you could just pop it in during your commute to work or while you go on a walk).  I hope you enjoy!