Recipe: Pumpkin Ginger Bread

I would like to share a great recipe for a bread that is perfect for the fall/winter seasons…Pumpkin Ginger Bread.  I love cooking with pumpkin because not only does it taste great, but it is tremendously healthy.  It is a good source of fiber, and it’s loaded with antioxidants such as vitamin A, vitamin C, […]

Are Your Food Choices Influencing Your Child’s Health?

Many parents are very concerned with their children’s eating habits.  They often want to know how to get their children to eat more “healthy foods” and/or how to limit their intake of “junk foods”.  They get concerned about whether their kids are eating enough to meet their nutrient needs and/or if their kids are eating […]

Tips for Making a Lean Burger Flavorful and Juicey

It has been said many times that burgers are best if they are made from 80% lean ground beef because the extra fat makes them moist and juicy.  However, the added fat comes at a cost.  It adds a lot of extra calories and saturated fat which raises cholesterol levels and is not good for […]

Review of Apps to Track Food Intakes

In the Spring Issue of Food & Nutrition Magazine, there was a review of the 10 most popular, free weight-management apps.  Since more and more people are using smart phone, I frequently get questions about which apps are good to track intakes/calories.  So, I thought I would share the results of the review, which are […]