Can a Pill Really Replace Exercise?

This month, an article was published in Cell journal which stated that researchers may have found a pill that can provide some of the same benefits as exercise.  Not surprisingly, this was all over the news as soon as the report was released.  After all, wouldn’t it be easier to take a pill than go […]

Iron in the Diet

What is the role of Iron in the body? One of the main roles of iron is to carry oxygen to the blood.  When you don’t get enough iron in the diet, it can lead to iron deficiency anemia.  Symptoms of this condition include low energy levels, headaches, irritability, shortness of breath and weight loss. […]

Calcium and Bone Health

One of the most important interventions in preventing bone loss is to ensure that your calcium intake is adequate.  The preferred method to meet your calcium needs is through food.  The following foods are good sources of calcium: All dairy foods such as milk, cheese and yogurt Some legumes such as soy, navy, pinto, garbanzo […]

Plants Sterols and Stanols May Improve Cholesterol Levels

Did you know plants can improve your cholesterol?  Sterols and stanols, which are components of plant membranes, structurally resemble cholesterol.  In fact, their structures are so similar to cholesterol that our bodies can’t distinguish the difference.  However, plant sterols and stanols are either not absorbed or minimally absorbed in the body.  When they are present in sufficient quantities […]