Coconut: Is it the New Super Food or is it Hype?

Over the past year, I have seen a significant increase in the consumption of coconut products American’s are eating such as coconut oil, coconut milk, coconut butters, etc.  This is probably no surprise since it’s touted to promote weight loss, help with skin/hair, and improve diabetes, cholesterol and Alzheimer’s Disease.  Even Dr. Oz recommends it, […]

Anti-inflammatory Diet: A Natural Way to Improve Health and Reduce Joint Pain & Stiffness

Inflammation is part of our body’s natural healing process and is necessary to help us recover from an injury or an illness.  Normally our body turns off the inflammatory response when our wound is healed or we recover from an infection.  However, when our inflammatory response does not get turned off properly, it can lead […]

Soda Linked to Increased Blood Pressure

If you need yet another reason to stop drinking soda, then the results of a new research study may provide just that.  For a long time, we have known that soda consumption has been associated with weight gain and obesity which can lead to high blood pressure.  However, a new study found that regular soda […]