Halloween Candy Buy Back

It’s the day after Halloween, and many kids (and adults) are now coming down from their sugar high from last night.  While enjoying some candy on Halloween is not going to make or break a healthy eating plan for children or adults, the problem is that there are now piles of candy laying around the house which can be very tempting.  If you find that the sweet treats are calling your name and moderation is a challenge, it can be very helpful to get the left-over candy out of the house.

Did you know that many dentists will “buy” back your leftover candy from you and then donate it to our troops that are deployed overseas?  With this great program, dentists will “buy” your candy with cash, toothbrushes or coupons for food, services or goods.  The candy will then be put in care packages that are sent to our troops.  It’s a win-win situation.  You can do something you feel good about, teach kids the importance of donating and keep your family a little healthier by minimizing added sugars.

For more information or to find a dentist in your area that participates in the Candy Buy Back Program, click here.