Healthy Treats for Halloween

With Halloween right around the corner, the supermarket shelves are filled with candy for the trick or treaters.  But at Halloween, the only thing scarier than some of the ghoulish costumes you will see is the nutrition fact panel on the back of some of these sweet treats.  So, if you are concerned about how much sugar the kids are eating or if you are concerned about what will happen with the extremely-tempting-left-over candy, the following can give you some tips for how to make this holiday a healthy one.

Keep in mind that healthy snacks can be just as tasty as some of the high-sugar, high-fat ones.  So, try dried fruit or 100% fruit juice boxes for a treat with some nutritional value.  Get creative…you don’t have to give out food, instead give out cool pencils or other small items that kids like. 

The following are some items to try:

  • Small boxes of raisins
  • Fruit leathers made with 100% fruit juice
  • 100% fruit juice boxes
  • Packets of sugar-free gum
  • Small bags of pretzels or animal crackers
  • Cool pens, pencils and/or erasures
  • Stickers for the younger kids

Have fun this Halloween and treat yourself, and the children, to good health.