How to Select a Healthy Yogurt

I often recommend yogurt as a healthy snack choice because it is packed with nutrients (i.e. calcium and vitamin D) and it is high in protein which gives it a real lasting power.  However, there are so many different varieties of yogurt in the grocery store, and can be difficult to know which options are the healthiest.  Frequently, people ask me which brand of yogurt I recommend because so many of the yogurts on the shelf are packed with added sugars.

This week, I came across an article entitled “How to Buy The Best Yogurt” on  I think the article does a great job of discussing the health benefits of yogurt, and it also provides a guide as to what to look for when reading food labels.  To simplify things even further, the article even gives a list of their top yogurt picks (which I agree with).  It is definitely an article worth checking out if you ever felt overwhelmed when standing in dairy isle at the store.