Make Your Home Healthy After the Holidays

Let’s face it; the holidays are a difficult time of year.  While we may have had the best intentions of watching portions at the holiday meals or not overdoing it with the Christmas cookies, many of us probably ate a little (or a lot) more than we had planned.  There is no better time than now to get back on track, and the best way to do that is to clean out your home environment.If a food is around, chances are that you will eat it.  If it is not around, you can’t eat it.  So, if you’re trying to get back on track, don’t keep those tempting foods around.  Instead, set yourself up for success by getting rid of the desserts and rich foods left over from the holidays, and make a trip to the grocery store to get some healthier items to replace them. 

So, what could you do with the leftovers, cookies, desserts, etc? 

  • Send them home with friends or relatives
  • Take them to a neighbor who might be appreciative of them
  • Put them in the freezer and you will have something on hand for future guests
  • Take leftover chocolates or desserts to work
  • When in doubt…throw them out!!

I know that people have trouble throwing away food because it seems so wasteful, and think of those starving children in other countries, right?  The truth of the matter is eating that cookie is not going to save that starving child.  If you eat more calories than you need, those extra calories are “wasted” in your body which comes with a greater cost than throwing out the food…they can cost you your health.  The weight gain leads to decreased energy levels, decreased immunity, greater risk of diseases like heart disease and diabetes…all of these things can lead to very expensive health care costs.

So, take a look around your kitchen and think about what needs to go.  Make a plan for what to do with it, and get it out of your house today