New Product: Create Your Own Gluten-Free Cereal

I just received an e-mail from Custom Choice Cereal, a company that makes Gluten-Free Cereals.  I had never heard of the company until today, but I think their product sounds interesting so I wanted to pass along the information for any of you with Celiac Disease or a gluten intolerance.  Custom Choice Cereal allows individuals to create their own personal cereal on-line by combining various ingredients.  I cannot speak on the taste of the product, but from what I’ve read on-line, here is my opinion…


  • It shows you the nutrition label for the product you create and the label updates automatically as you add ingredients.    I think this is great so you can make an educated decision to meet your personal nutrition goals.
  • As a base cereal, the Corn Flakes and the Good Morning Flakes are both pretty good options as they are low in sugar and have at least 2 grams of fiber.
  • Many of the ingredients you have the option of adding are fruits and nuts which are healthy and offer good nutritional value as well.
  • These products could be a good way to add variety in the diet and find a cereal that you enjoy because you’re only using the ingredients that you like.  Since cereal options are much more limited for those with Gluten Allergies, this could be very exciting for many.


  • It is a little pricy.  However, gluten free products do usually cost more than standard cereals and the prices are in line with cereals you would purchase from


  • For anyone who is trying to watch their weight or manage diabetes, I would stay away from the granola.  As with most granola products, it is higher in calories, fat, sugar and carbohydrates.

Overall, I think this company has in interesting concept and a good product that is worth passing along.