Many people believe that in order to lose weight they must combine a very low calorie diet with a strenuous exercise plan.  While this may work temporarily, it is unlikely that this type of behavior can be maintained for a long period of time.  The small changes that are easy to make are the ones that last, and over time they can lead to a significant weight loss.   Just think if you can cut out 100 calories a day, it can lead to a 10 pound weight loss at the end of the year.  Considering the average person gains 1-2 pounds per year, that is sizable amount.

The following is an example of how to make substitutes with lower fat and calorie foods that can really make a difference over time:

Choose This Item

Instead of This Item

Save the Following

Mandarin Chicken Salad with 1 packet almonds and 1 packet low-fat honey mustard (no crispy noodles) and a diet coke

(410 cal, 16 gm fat)

Chicken Strip Salad with 1 packet ranch dressing and a large coke.

(980 cal, 45 gm fat)

570 calories

10.5 grams of fat

6″ Turkey, Ham or Roast Beef Sub with veggies/mustard, baked chips and a diet soda

(430 cal, 7gm fat)

6″ Tuna Salad Sub, chips and a medium soda

(890 cal, 41 gm fat)

460 calories

34 grams of fat

Chicken Burrito Supreme “Fresco Style” with Mexican rice and a diet soda

(560 cal, 27 gm fat)

Grilled Stuffed Chicken Burrito with nachos and a soda

(1,312 cal, 45 gm fat)

752 calories

18 grams of fat

Baked Potato with a small chili and a diet soda

(490 cal, 6 gm fat)

Baked Potato with bacon and cheese and a medium soda

(787 cal, 25 gm fat)

297 calories

19 grams of fat

Egg McMuffin with a fruit and yogurt parfait and an apple juice box

(540 cal, 13 gm fat)

Sausage, Egg and Cheese on a biscuit with hash-browns and a large OJ

(900 cal, 40 gm fat)

365 calories

27 grams of fat