Time Saving Tips to Make Packing Lunch a Reality

Yesterday I wrote about ideas for what to pack in a healthy lunch, but I understand that knowing what to pack is only half of the battle.  One of the biggest barriers for packing lunch is finding the time to do it.  Here are some time saving tips to make packing a reality:

  • Pack your lunch the night before.
  • Make too much food for dinner and put leftovers in individual containers that can be taken for lunch
  • Have a planned day for grocery shopping (after all, if you don’t have the food at home, you can’t pack it)
    • Make a grocery list that is organized according to the grocery store layout (i.e. produce, dairy, meats).
    • Keep the list in a handy place so everyone can add to it as needed
    • If you don’t like going to the store, order your groceries on-line
  • Buy proportioned snacks and pre-cut veggies or have a preparation day where foods are cut up and proportioned
    • Using ziplock baggies can be an inexpensive way to make your own 100 calorie snack packs that are ready to go when you are
  • Keep instant oatmeal, soups or frozen entrées on hand for a meal you can just grab and go. (You can also keep these items at work just in case you forget lunch one day)
  • A piece of fruit, string cheese, individual sized cottage cheese and yogurt can make some healthy sides that require no prep