Website: Recipes to Meet Specific Needs

One way to keep a healthy diet new and exciting is to continue to try new foods and new recipes.  Websites like can make it easy to find healthy recipes to meet your personal needs.  You can do a basic search if you are just looking for a main ingredient (i.e. poultry, pasta, seafood, soy), or can do a more advanced search which takes into account health considerations.  This can be very helpful, if you have dietary restrictions and are watching calories, sodium or saturated fat.  It also has recipes that are diabetes appropriate, heart healthy recipes and ones that are high in certain nutrients like calcium or potassium.  This website can also help you find kid-friendly meals, make-ahead meals and meals for vegetarians.  An added bonus is that it contains the nutrition facts for each meal, which can help you to know exactly what you’re getting.  Hope you enjoy!