Healthy Tailgate Foods

Football can make weekends a time to look forward to in the Fall.  However, along with action-packed games, comes calorie-packed foods for many football fans.  From tailgates to take-out, many of the traditional game-day foods are unhealthy, but the following tips can help to modify your menu so you can enjoy many seasons to come:

Instead of These Entrees: Try These Entrees:
Italian Hoagie Turkey, Chicken, Ham or Roast Beef Hoagie (hold the mayo)
Cheese Steak Hot Roast Beef or Pulled Pork Sandwich
Fried Chicken or                      Chicken Wings BBQ Chicken without skin
Hamburgers or Hot Dogs Turkey Burgers, Grilled Chicken Sandwich or a Reduced-Fat Hot Dog
Sausage or Pepperoni Pizza Mushroom, Ham, Veggie or Plain Pizza
Nachos with Chili Chili (made with lean beef or ground turkey) with a roll or a few tortilla chips
Instead of These Sides: Try These Sides:
Potato or Tortilla Chips Baked Chips, Pretzels, Popcorn(for microwave popcorn, try the ones that are 94% fat-free)
French Fries Oven-baked Fries
Chips with Dip Vegetable Tray with Reduced-Fat Dip (Try using low-fat mayo or fat-free sour cream for dips)

Don’t forget to watch the beverages too.  Sodas and Alcoholic beverages can add a lot of calories and have no nutritional value.  Try to drinking water throughout the game to replace some calorie-laden beverages and stay well hydrated.