50 Ways to Make Chicken More Exciting

Chicken is a very lean and healthy protein option, but who wants to eat plain chicken breasts week after week?  Definitely not me!  I’m always looking for creative ways to make something simple, like chicken, more exciting.  For example, I’ll often use chicken in dishes that have a lot of flavor like stir fry’s, chicken fajitas, Thai chicken lettuce wraps, etc.

However, I know it can be a challenge to come up with new ways to cook chicken every week, and sometimes you need recipes that are simple and require very little effort and time.  That’s why I wanted to share an article I saw last week on “50 Ways to Prepare a Chicken Breast”.  Whether you’re looking to stir-fry, grill, bake or stuff chicken, this article can give you some creative ways to flavor chicken with minimal effort.  Remember, if you can keep things new and interesting, there’s no reason to stop eating healthy.