Reward Yourself…You Deserve It!

When you make positive changes in your life, is important to reward yourself.  Rewards act as positive reinforcement, they keep things fun, and they can be strong motivators.   Some days, motivation to eat right and exercise is high, and let’s face it, on other days it just doesn’t seem to be there at all.  When […]

Vitamin D and Bone Health

It is well known that calcium is essential for bone health, and that inadequate intakes of calcium can lead to osteoporosis.  However, many people don’t realize that Vitamin D is needed for the absorption of calcium.  In fact, without vitamin D, calcium passes through the intestines unabsorbed, leaving the bone undersupplied even when calcium intakes […]

My first post

Hi, my name is Amy Boltz and I am a Registered Dietitian with the Rothman Institute.  If you would like more information about me, I welcome you to click on my bio.  I would love to hear from you, so please leave me any comments or questions you may have by clicking on “register” to the right.