500 Calorie Meal Ideas

Planning healthy dinners can be very challenging.  Many people tell me that they struggle with putting an entire balanced meal together.  Many of us also get stuck in a rut making the same dishes over and over again which leads to boredom.  Trying new meals can keep things exciting and interesting and can help to stick with a healthy eating plan.

Eatingwell.com is a website I go to frequently for recipe ideas.  They provide nutrition facts for all their meals, and they have a great section on their website for 500 calorie dinners.  Each meal even includes dessert ideas!  On their website you can find ideas weather you are planning to make a vegetarian entree or want beef for dinner.  Since time is often very limited, one of my personal favorites is the 30-minute meal ideas.

For more helpful websites and meal planning ideas, see my previous post on “Meal Planning Made Simple”.  Happy cooking!